Who We Are

Camy & Ed Challis

Hey everyone! We are Camy and Ed, the owners of Morpheus Athletics and Lifestyle. We are originally from the UK and decided a couple of years ago to relocate to the sunshine state of Florida. We've been together 7 years and got married in Orlando in April 2019. We have always been passionate about fitness and photography and pride ourselves in providing quality content without the excess bullshit you sometimes get from corporate companies. 

We started our photography to really capture life's moment in a natural way. You won't see our photos forced or fake as that just isn't real life. We also don't limit the amount of photos you receive from us.

Morpheus fitness coaching started after being frustrated by current online fitness options being well... a bit shit? Fitness coaching by Camy is 100% individual, includes no fad diets or required supplement purchases and is easy to use.  

We have truly started this business to help people. In our spare time we like to volunteer as waterski instructors for those with disabilities and for children. When we get a moment spare we enjoy taking our dogs, to the beach or scoping out the newest food spot in Orlando! 


T: (407) 821-6898

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